Types of HVAC

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New and innovative technologies have seen to it that the new generation HVAC systems are both cost and energy efficient. The sophisticated HVAC units are designed to ensure perfect insulation and improved air quality in your home while still keeping your electricity bill low. The cost of buying and installing HVAC systems is usually quite significant.This makes it important to consider all the relevant factors before buying one. The type of the system to buy should be among the main considerations to make. There are four main types to consider, which are discussed in more details below.

Main types of HVAC systems

Split HVAC

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This refers the traditional type, where the components of the system are located outside as well as inside the building. The main parts which make up the system are an air conditioning unit, thermostat, ducts, and evaporator coils. There are also various optional components such as purifiers, UV lamps, humidifiers, and air cleaners. The main benefit of the split HVAC systems is that it is an efficient cooling and heating option for homeowners due to the simple design that it has. It is also quite easy to install as well as to operate. Heating up or cooling down your home will take a short time when using this type of system.


Hybrid split system

The hybrid split system refers to the traditional HVAC split system, which has been modified to minimize the energy wastages. The unit can work as a normal gas furnace when fitted with a heat pump. The main parts of this system include refrigerant, evaporator coils, furnace, and a user-interface used to control the entire system. The top benefit of using the hybrid system over the traditional split system is that you get high-energy efficiency. It comes in quite handy if you live in an area that requires massive heating during the cold winter season.

Ductless split system

The ductless split system comes as a great alternative for the homes which can’t accommodate conventional systems with ducts. Among the main components of the system are an air conditioner, heat pump, fan coil, tubing connecting the fan coil to the outdoor unit, and a control panel. It is a good choice if you wish to be able to warm or cool different zones of your home simultaneously.

Single package HVAC

air conditioner unitThis packaged system is a great option for you if saving space is among your top priorities. It can be used in confined spaces in the house, including all the rooms. All the main parts are integrated into one unit, including the control system. Maintenance and repair of the single package HVAC is a bit complex compared to the others due to its compact nature. Need a HVAC Repair? It is advisable that you always hire an expert to do it.