Protecting Your Collection

Protecting Your Collection

May-June 1996 issue of The Cigar Label Gazette
by Bob McLaughlin

Editor’s Note: I met Bob at the last Long Beach Coin and Collectible Show. Since he sold very high quality safes, I asked him to write this article for the Gazette. This article reads like an ad. However, I felt that there is useful information that should benefit the reader.

Have you ever asked yourself… “Do I really have the right protection against fire, and moisture… to protect my collection or inventory?” There have been many attempts to do this in the past; such as safe walls consisting of asbestos, amorphous materials that changes to various states when heated (solid to liquid to gas), compound slurries that never dry etc. With today’s available high technology finally a safe has been designed to meet any fire situation and STILL PROTECT ITS CONTENTS!

Please keep in mind that the average fire burns at 1200°F for 30 minutes, and paper chars at 450°F, the standard Underwriters Laboratories, mandatory test for 1 hour, is that the tested safe will maintain an interior temperature less than 350°F when exposed to fire for a period of one hour at 1700°F These new, yet economical safes have greater performance that exceeds any known standards today.

The MAXIMUM safe is put into an airtight furnace and the temperature is raised to 1850°F and sustained for two hours. The safe’s interior never goes above 205°F. In addition, the new safe is subject to stringent fire impact test and a rapid heating explosion hazard test.

Even though the safe meets the above tests… if moisture is generated or discharged in the safe during fire attack, the contents are ruined. But, this cannot happen based on the new and revolutionary construction and use of state-of-the-art materials in this new family of safes known as THE MAXIMUMS.

Also to be noted, all Maximums are supplied with key changeable spyproof combination lock, plus high security keyed day lock and a special relocking device against severe burglar attacks.

Published test results, testing procedures and availability information can be obtained from Maximum Security Corp. (800) 538-0600

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